Shelby Sports works with our clients through a five-step, consultative process to ensure your dream is turned into reality:

Step 1 : The interview

The process of building your dream collection starts with an interview. We use the time to understand what you want, and go over the details of the project.

Step 2 : Research and planning

We conduct research custom essay writing service on the types of collectibles that can college essay writer be acquired. The beginning stages of a plan are drawn out based on the collectibles, and the ideal way they should be preserved and showcased within the space.

Step 3 : Presentation

The plans for which collectibles are acquired and how they should be displayed are presented to you. Costs and timing of the project are also discussed.

Step 4 : Design

Once you agree on the collectibles, we work with your current contractor – or we can provide a resource – to integrate the collectibles in showcases within the space.


The final collectibles are delivered to the home. You can have your contractor install them or we can provide a resource to place the collectibles in their displays.